The Configuration File

The CyDAS configuration file CyDAS.ini contains two sections, one on the database to be used, and one on available import filters.

The Database Section

In the database section, the database engine has to be defined. Acceptable values are:
  • Access: Microsoft Access database
  • MySQL: MySQL database
  • MSSQL: Microsoft SQL server database

Next, a line showing the parameters for the database connection ("ConnectString") is required. This connect string depends on the database engine used. See also the relevant section in the User Documentation.

If connection requires a password, it must be given in the connect string. Depending on your security requirements, it may be useful to create a special user for the CyDAS application with limited rights.

The Import Filter Section

Here, the names of the available import filters are defined. Filters must be numbered continually from Filter1 to FilterN. A CyDAS Import Filter definition file (<name>.cif) must be present for each import filter.

The MapViewer Section

A map viewer is an external resource in the internet to which chromosomal bands are linked. Viewers are available from Ensembl and the National Center for Biotechnology Information. Only the default value is set here, it can be changed in the CyDAS application by the user.